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Off Grid Calculator

The Off Grid Power Calcutator helps to select the best system configuration between EFOY Pro fuel cell and solar power.
Just provide informations about your average power demand (current, voltage and operating hours per day and the size of your solar installation). The off grid calculator will calculate the solar input and suggests which EFOY Pro fuel cell is required to fill the energy gap.

Please contact us if you have further questions or need a price quotation.

energy demand

power consumption
operating time per day


solar input

solar panel power measured in WattPeak
azimuth (south = 0°, west = 90°)
slope (horizontal = 0°, vertical = 90°)



energy consumption per day


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
energy demand
per day [Wh]
solar input
per day [Wh]
EFOY energy
per day [Wh]
methanol consumption
per day [l]
operation hours EFOY*
per day [h]
*valid for recommended EFOY model
annual energy demand
annual solar input
annual energy provided by EFOY
annual methanol consumption EFOY
required number of devices
recommended model
recommended battery capacity (24 V)


operating hours per year and device

(20% loss included)
EFOY Pro 800
EFOY Pro 2400
EFOY Pro 12000




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