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  Application examples (german)

  Application examples (english)

  Product Introduction EFOY PRO 12000 DUO



  EFOY-PRO 2nd Generation Datasheet (english)

  EFOY-PRO 2nd Generation Datasheet (german)

  EFOY-PRO 12000 DUO Datasheet

  Methanol - MT60 cartridge

  EFOY GO! - Datasheet

  GSM-2 Quadband Planar Antenna (english)

  EFOY ProCube 2030 (english)

  EFOY ProCube 2030 (german)

  EFOY ProCube 2060A

  EFOY ProEnergyBox (english)

  SS-MPPT-15L MPPT Solar charge controller (german)

  SS-MPPT-15L Solar charge controller (english)

  PS-MPPT-25/40 - MPPT Solar Charge Controller

  Solar Module - SW80 Mono

  Solar Module LX-100M and LX-160M

  Solar Module LX-245M

  Superwind 350 (german)

  Superwind 350 (english)

  OGIV 12550LP (55Ah AGM Battery)

  OGIV 121000LP (100Ah AGM Battery)

  Vision LiFePo Datasheets

  LFP 12V50Ah (LiFePo)

  LFP 12V100Ah (LiFePo)

  LFP 12V40Ah (LiFePo)

  DC/DC Converter 12V to 24VDC (english)

  DC/DC Converter 24V to 24VDC (english)

  DC/DC Converter 24V to 12VDC (english)

  PEM Fuel Cells - H-12 to H-5000 V2 (english)

  C380 PEM-Fuelcell System

  Hydrogen Leak Detector H2-Power-Flex (german)

  Wasserstoff Gasspürgerät H2-Power-Flex (english)

  DCDC14 (german)

  DCDC14 (english)

  MT 60 Methanol Fuel Tank


Firmware update

  Updater EFOY-PRO - User Manual

  Ladezyklenmonitor EFOY PRO

  Release Notes FW17.15 EFOY PRO 2. Generation

  Release Notes FW19.12 EFOY PRO 12000

  Release Notes FW21.02 EFOY PRO 12000

  Firmware Guide


Known Problems

  M28 - Fuel tube fallen off

  M28 - Fuel tube fallen off

  How to detect a defect M10 cartridge


Press Releases

  Contacts SFC

  udomi ends distribution of EFOY PRO fuel cells - SFC takes over



  Catalog - Off-Grid-Power 2nd generation (german)

  Catalog - Off-Grid-Power 2nd generation (english)

  Donator C380 PEM-Fuelcell System

  Catalog - H2 fuel cells, electrolysers and accessories

  H-Series - Fuel Cell Stacks (english)


Operation Manuals

  EFOY Pro Series - 2nd generation (englisch)

  EFOY Pro Series - 2nd generation (german)

  EFOY GO! - Operation Manual

  EFOY PRO 12000 DUO (german)

  EFOY PRO 12000 DUO (english)

  Fuel Cartridge Sensor FS1 (german, english)

  EFOY ProCube 2030 (german, english)

  Interface Adapter - IA1 (deutsch, englisch)

  EFOY ProEnergyBox 4060

  EFOY-PRO - Dimensions

  Cluster Controller CC1 (german, english)

  EFOY-PRO Duocartswitch

  EFOY ProCube 2060 (german, english)

  SIO-Command EFOY PRO 800/2400 (FW17.15)




  IP-EFOY-GATEWAY-2 - Operation manual (germany)

  IP-EFOY-GATEWAY-2 - Operation manual (english)

  SS-MPPT-15L Operation Manual (german)

  SS-MPPT-15L Operation Manual (english)

  PS-MPPT-25/40 - Operation Manual (english)

  Wind Generator Superwind 350 (german)

  Wind Generator Superwind 350 (english)

  H-CELL2.0 (english)

  HydroFILL (english)

  HydroFILL-PRO (english)

  H-12 (english)

  H-20 (english)

  H-30 (english)

  H-100 v2c (english)

  H-200 v2v (english)

  H-300 v2c (english)

  H-500 v2c (englisch)

  H-1000 v2c (english)

  H-2000 v2c (english)

  H-3000 v2c (english)

  H-5000 v2c (english)

  H-1000XP (english)

  C380 PEM-Fuelcell System

  HydroSTIK-PRO Operation Manual (englisch)

   MyH2-300 (english)

  Hy-PEM XP-RACK Electrolyzer Operation Manuel (english)

  GreenBox 100



  Trouble shooting - EFOY PRO

  EFOY-PRO Warranty Terms (2nd generation)

  EFOY-PRO Warranty Terms (1st generation)

  Secure Transportation Mode (How to transport EFOY Pro during winter)

  Long term storage EFOY PRO

  XT1 Filter change

  Quick Installation Guide - EFOY Pro Series (english)

  Hints - External Control EFOY-PRO (german)

  Hints - External Control EFOY-PRO (english)

  Fuel cartridge inside

  How to connect 2 external DCS1 with EFOY PRO 2nd Generation

  Installation Methanol Fuel Cartridges

  Energy calculator - EFOY Pro + Solar (english)

  Windspeed Germany

  SFC pricelist for EFOY Methanol cartridges


Safety Datasheets

  Material Safety Datasheet M5, M10, M28 (german)

  Material Safety Datasheet M5, M10, M28 (english)

  Material Safety Datasheet MT60 (german)

  Material Safety Datasheet Methanol MT60 (english)

  Material Safety Datasheet Sunlight AGM batteries

  IATA declaration Sunlight AGM battery

  Material Safety Datasheet LiFePo Batteries

  Material Safety Datasheet HydroSTIK PRO




udomi ends distribition of Horizon fuel cells

  read more


udomi ends distribution of EFOY PRO fuel cells - SFC takes over

  read more



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